Zero Tolerance

The Practice supports the government’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ campaign for Health service Staff and takes threatening behaviour to any member of staff very seriously.

The Practice considers abuse/threatening behaviour to be:

  • Attempt or actual aggressive/threatening physical actions made towards any member of staff.
  • The use of aggressive or abusive language, raising of the voice or swearing – that is used as a means to intimidate any member of staff.
  • Any behaviour verbal or physical, causing staff to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or threatened.
  • Social Media – any review left on:
    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google Review which names, demeans or threatens a member of staff or the Practice.

We respectfully request that any complaint regarding your experience with Dromore Doctors Surgery is directed in writing to the Practice Manager so that we can work towards resolving any issue, this ensures we can respond to your concerns with patient confidentiality in mind.

We would like to draw your attention regarding our Staff :

Dromore Doctors Surgery is a training practice. We have Federation and NIMTDA employed staff working daily to enhance the service that we provide. If you make an compliant about a member of staff who is employed by another agency, we may have to inform their employer of your complaint and they may be involved in the investigation.

What will happen?

All instances of threatening behaviour will be reported to the Practice Manager and lead GP and will be recorded.

Verbal abuse – either in person or by phone will be reported to the Practice Manager, the incident will be reviewed by the Lead GP and a warning letter will be sent out.  If there is further incident the patient will be sent a further letter stating that the offender will be removed from the Practice list.

Physical abuse – will be reported to the Police and the offender will be removed immediately from the premises. BSO and the Health Board will be notified and the patient will be removed from the practice list with immediate effect.

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