Script requests for Bank Holiday Weekend

From 5pm 3rd May 2024 – 7th May 2024 0700hrs &  24th May 5pm to 27th May 2024 @ 0700hrs

Dromore Doctors repeat prescription and repeat sick line is closed for the Bank Holiday weekend and will re-open at 0700hrs on Tuesday morning

Bank Holiday Weekend

From 6pm 3rd May 2024 – Tuesday 7th May @ 0830 & weekend of the 24th May 6pm to 27th May 2024

Dromore Doctors Surgery is closed for the bank holiday weekend and will reopen on Tuesday at the normal time.  (GP) Out of Hours Service will be operating during these times and should only be used for serious urgent problems that cannot wait until the GP surgery reopens. The Number is 028 3839 9201

Mayday Bank Holiday

Line closed from Friday 3rd to Tuesday 7th May 2024 @ 0830 & 24th May 2024

Dromore Doctors Surgery Routine line is closed for the bank holiday weekend and will re-open on Tuesday.  If you have an urgent medical need today please call the call the surgery on 02892692758.

Easter Message for Patients

Patient information from Monday 25th March

Due to the Easter Holidays we will only be dealing with Urgent on the day daily.  We will advise when we have reached safe working levels.  The routine appointment request line has been suspended until after the Easter holidays and will reopen on Monday 8th April so if your request can wait please ring the Routine line on 02892474002 from this date between 0900 and 1000 daily.  Prescription and repeat sick lines can be ordered by calling 02892 474758.

Due to the upcoming Easter Holidays we ask that patients ordered their prescriptions in time.  The last date for ordering is Tuesday 26th March this allows 3 working days for processing.

The script line will close on Friday 29th March @ midday and reopen on Wednesday 3rd April 2024 @ 0700.

Due to the upcoming Easter Holidays we ask that patients ordered their prescriptions in time.  The last date for ordering is Tuesday 26th March this allows 3 working days for processing.

The script line will close on Friday 29th March @ midday and reopen on Wednesday 3rd April 2024 @ 0700.

Surgery reopens Wednesday 3rd April 2024 @ 8.30am.

Forms and Letters

Patient Notice

We would like to advise our patients of the new protocol for Non NHS forms/Letters with effect from February 2024

If you have a form to be completed or you have a request for a letter, please refer to our new price and guidance to make the process user friendly.  Click on link below

Forms can be left in daily between 10am – 12pm and a member of staff will be able to advise on cost and timeframe, payment needs to be upfront before work is completed.  This can be by Cash/Cheque we are hoping to be revise payment methods in the future and will keep you updated.

There are certain forms that there is no payment required upfront these are as follows:

Driving licence medical forms –should have a fee form & return envelope attached to the document (please add stamp to Envelope)

Ministry of Defence – should be a fee form attached please check and ensure compliance.

Jury Service – some patients may be eligible for an evidence letter that would assist them with being excused we are happy to assist however it would help us if you submitted your request in writing in advance. – No fee

Facebook Q&A

Facebook FAQs

Information about our trial of a new text messaging booking system for routine appointments.

When is it happening?

From 16th November 2023 – phone line opens between 0900 – 1000 the number to call is 02892474002

Why is the system being changed?

Currently everyone who wants an appointment whether it is urgent or routine calls at 8.30am and goes into a queue.  This blocks the phone lines for those patients with a more urgent problem.  It is also inconvenient for some people.

What happens if I have an urgent problem?

For urgent problems the system will stay exactly the same, patients with an urgent problem that requires an urgent appointment that day should phone through from 8.30am in the morning to speak to a member of reception who will take some details.  These details will be reviewed by the GP covering urgent care that day.  

What is changing if I want a routine appointment?

Patients will be asked to call and leave their contact details on a voicemail between 9am and 10am Monday to Friday. We will then send you a text message which you will be able to reply to with details of your problem.  Once we have received the text message a GP will review the details and decide on the best course of action.  This may include issuing a prescription, arranging further investigations, arranging a telephone consultation or sending a booking link for a face to face appointment in the next 2 weeks. 

What if I can’t receive a text message?

We are aware not all patients are able to receive text messages, if they advise us of this when they leave their voicemail we will arrange for a member of reception to contact them to get further details instead.

Why can I not just send a text to the surgery without leaving my details on a voicemail first?

Unfortunately it isn’t possible for a patient to send a secure text unless we send a text with a link first.  We wanted a way for patients to tell us they want a routine appointment without having to go into a phone queue. We have successfully used a voicemail for script requests for a long time now and have decided we would set up another voicemail box for routine booking requests.

Why can I not just book an appointment with the GP without providing details?

Like all GP practices we are struggling to cope with patient demand for our services.  The way General Practice works has had to change. The GP may not always be the most appropriate person to help.  Sometimes the practice pharmacist or an Advanced Nurse practitioner may be more appropriate. Gathering details allows us to be more efficient by directing patients to the most appropriate care. This is turn allows us to help more patients.

Is this a permanent change?

We are planning to trial this for a month, if it is successful then we will continue with it.  If it doesn’t work we will revert back to the previous way of working.

Practice Closure

The practice is closed from 12.30 pm-2 pm daily, during this time the urgent on call GP can be contacted via the surgery mobile.

During this time the GP will facilitate home visits, complete morning clinics and any administrative tasks that need to be done. The nurse will complete any daily blood and sample collection during this time also.

Advice to patients

The surgery pride themselves on their timely response to discharge letters and prescription requests from patients and hospitals. We have a surgery population of 8324 this can be challenging at time especially after public holidays. In line with all other surgeries we request 3 full working days to deal with the abundance of requests. If you are prescribed medication during a visit to A&E, and urgent please collect from the Hospital Pharmacy if not drop into the surgery and we will endeavor to have this ready within 24hrs. We appreciate your understanding in this matter

Calls to the Surgery

Calls to the surgery from 8.30-10.30 am should be reserved for those requested a telephone triage. We would ask those patients requesting results and Nurse Appointment to wait till after 10.30am daily before calling, you will be deferred if you call before this to allow us to deal with urgent calls. We appreciate your support in this matter

Zero Tolerance

The Practice supports the government’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ campaign for Health service Staff and takes threatening behaviour to any member of staff very seriously.

The Practice considers abuse/threatening behaviour to be:

  • Attempt or actual aggressive/threatening physical actions made towards any member of staff.
  • The use of aggressive or abusive language, raising of the voice or swearing – that is used as a means to intimidate any member of staff.
  • Any behaviour verbal or physical, causing staff to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or threatened.
  • Social Media – any review left on:
    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google Review which names, demeans or threatens a member of staff or the Practice.

We respectfully request that any complaint regarding your experience with Dromore Doctors Surgery is directed in writing to the Practice Manager so that we can work towards resolving any issue, this ensures we can respond to your concerns with patient confidentiality in mind.

We would like to draw your attention regarding our Staff :

Dromore Doctors Surgery is a training practice. We have Federation and NIMTDA employed staff working daily to enhance the service that we provide. If you make an compliant about a member of staff who is employed by another agency, we may have to inform their employer of your complaint and they may be involved in the investigation.

What will happen?

All instances of threatening behaviour will be reported to the Practice Manager and lead GP and will be recorded.

Verbal abuse – either in person or by phone will be reported to the Practice Manager, the incident will be reviewed by the Lead GP and a warning letter will be sent out.  If there is further incident the patient will be sent a further letter stating that the offender will be removed from the Practice list.

Physical abuse – will be reported to the Police and the offender will be removed immediately from the premises. BSO and the Health Board will be notified and the patient will be removed from the practice list with immediate effect.

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